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What Exactly Are We Doing? - The Beatles - Dont Forget The Apples When You Go Downtown (CD)

9 thoughts on “ What Exactly Are We Doing? - The Beatles - Dont Forget The Apples When You Go Downtown (CD)

  1. Lennon once sang " I don't believe in beatles/I just believe in me" (God, by the Plastic Ono Band). Fella, you're the expert - if you don't believe in 'em, neither do I. The Bootleg beatles pretty much invented the tribute band, the mail order rubber doll of the music world. The Bootleg beatles .
  2. It's a 'volume two' album, the first is called "The Beatles Sweetest Apples " (wait it, soon). Maybe some dates are wrong, and note that John's solo songs only have the year of recording. But it's still a very good album, if you see one of this albums, buy it.
  3. Hey Jude, don't let me down. You have found her, now go and get her. Remember to let her into your heart, Then you can start to make it better. So let it out and let it in, hey Jude, begin, You're waiting for someone to perform with. And don't you know that it's just you, hey Jude, you'll do, The movement you need is on your shoulder.
  4. What Exactly Are We Doing Jolly Jumping Pally Poodles Let’s Have A Good Time Party The Awful Parcel Keep A Shine In Your Nose And Your Clothes Clean She Can Talk To Me I Spent An Afternoon Shaving In The Dark Don’t Forget The Apples When You Go Downtown She’s Walking Past My Door We Can Help You 15 Author: Reliquary.
  5. The outcome was that Apple inc, which is the Jobs one, was to pay the Beatles $80, for use of the name, and Apple inc was not to enter the music industry, and the Beatles Apple corps wasn’t to enter the electronics industry. The agreement seemed fair to me, and can be regarded as a win for the Beatles.
  6. The Beatles "Alternative version, John & Paul singing vocal harmonies" Don't Let Me Down (Lennon/McCartney) Alternate Version (date unknown) The Beatles "Different, slow blues-version, feat. John on the majority of the vocal parts" Not so different. Save The Last Dance For Me (Pomus/Shuman)
  7. Have you ever wondered which of the Fab four you come closest to matching well here's my opinion. Take this quiz! What instrument do you play in the Band? You're out to eat with your family and a pesky photographer starts snapping pics of you. You do what? What do you see yourself doing when you are twentyfive? (if you're already 25 then what did you wish you were doing?).
  8. Sep 03,  · Don't let me down by The Apples (The Beatles Tribute Band in Korea) This performance is Rooftop Concert(by the Beatles) 50th Anniversary in Korea. .
  9. May 04,  · The Apple logo first appeared on the /8 Beatles CDs in , which coincided with the initial non-Beatles Apple CD releases by Badfinger, Mary Hopkin, James Taylor, Billy Preston & Jackie Lomax. The Red/Blue albums were the first Beatles releases to feature the Apple label on the entire disc surface, as opposed to a 3/4" logo.

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