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Shitty Dicksneeze

9 thoughts on “ Shitty Dicksneeze

  1. SHITTY_DICK_PICS 1 point 2 points 3 points 1 year ago I was in the campground just a few sites away when the murder happened. Woke up to at least 3 gunshots, I thought that was a little odd but being from rural area I didn't think much of it, no screams, no cries for help, no sounds of someone running.
  2. Keep your head up man, shitty players will always be shitters. level 2. Original Poster 32 points · 12 days ago. He won't get banned or anything, but bad rep let's other people know not to sweat what this dicksneeze has to say. level 1. 3 points · 11 days ago. Standard procedure to receiving these kinds of messages is to only reply with "LOL".
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  4. a shit sneeze is when you have a sudden burst of watery diarrhea that sprays shit all over the toilet or wall.
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  6. An insult you would use against someone but also not wanting to hurt their feelings. or what to call that one annoying twit who post shitty urban dictionary definitions You Dinkster! #insults.
  7. Jun 29,  · Dear Cecil: I ask this question in total sincerity. A gentleman with whom I (also male) have a mutual interest in companionship told me that he becomes sexually aroused when .
  8. ass - butt assfuck - rear-loving shit - poop asshole - jerk bastard - illegitimate child slut - sexually popular woman skank - dirty girl piss - urinate spic - mexican pussy - female reproductive organ slutbag - sexually popular woman shitty - bad shitface - pooface penisfucker - homosexual bitchtits - homosexual shithead - jerk skeet - semen testicle - male genitalia dumbshit - idiot.

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