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  1. May 05,  · A person has a fever if their body temperature rises above the normal range of 98–°F (36–37°C). It is a common sign of an infection. As a person’s body temperature Author: Yvette Brazier.
  2. Mar 24,  · Fever helps your body fight infections by stimulating your immune system: your body’s natural defence. By increasing your body’s temperature, a fever makes it harder for the bacteria and viruses that cause infections to survive.
  3. 2. any of various diseases in which high temperature is a prominent symptom, as scarlet fever or rheumatic fever. 3. intense nervous excitement: in a fever of anticipation.
  4. Fever is considered a temperature above degrees F (38 degrees C). A feverish sensation, however, may occur when the body temperature is above the average normal of degrees F. (37 degrees C). Fever is part of the body's own disease-fighting arsenal.
  5. Fever is the result of your immune system's response to a foreign invader. These foreign invaders include viruses, bacteria, fungi, drugs, or other toxins. These foreign invaders are considered fever-producing substances (called pyrogens), which trigger the .
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  8. Nov 05,  · A fever is an increase in the body temperature above normal. A low-grade fever is a mild elevation of the temperature above normal. Your temperature measurements fluctuate through the day and vary depending upon the site of measurement. Generally, a child is considered to have a fever if the temperature is at or above degrees Fahrenheit.

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